Simulated scalp wig vs Lace Front

January 31, 2013 in cap construction

The hair is the most elevated part of the body and was therefore considered a portal for spirits to pass through to the soul.

Simulated scalp wig vs Lace Front

what is a simulated scalp wig?

The simulated scalp wig is also called fake scalp wig.that’s extra lace on lace front wig.

Some ladies like the simulated scalp better because they don’t have to add powder or pluck it,

and if your not familiar with bleaching knots your risking ruining the unit.

there’s hundreds of YouTube videos of black women transforming LACE FRONT wigs into masterpieces.

Watch a few tutorials and I can assure you can save your money.

Simulated scalp wig vs Lace Front

Simulated scalp wig vs Lace Front

Both work for different people and for different reasons.

Some ladies like the simulated scalp since you don’t need to add any makeup to the parting space or the edge of the hairline….

HOWEVER, you couldn’t pluck it due to the scalp being there.

So lace front wigs look more natural around the hairline

BUT the simulated scalp have the long natural looking parting space without makeup.

HD lace front wig human hair

Black Americans, being largely of mixed-race stock,

possess every natural hair texture known to man.

Some choose to wear wigs, a great grooming time saver,

or because they enjoy differing choices.

I figure it’s the woman’s own business to wear what she chooses.

They have been conditioned to believe their natural hair is not beautiful,

and the standard of beauty caters toward long straight hair.

Simulated scalp wig vs Lace Front

13×4 hd lace front wig straight 

Thanks to lace front wigs, changing looks has never been this easy!

Lace front wigs are very stylish and very natural looking so people often choose this kind of wig .