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December 5, 2021 in human hair wig care and maintenance

Kinky curly wig

Human hair kinky curly wig is one of those wigs where you have to know how to maintain it.

that frizz up and get big easily when it dries,

If your a first time wig wearer,

this is not an everyday wig and worn on special occasions.

There is a bit shedding expected with kinky curly hair.

Overall, great hair for vacation especially!

kinky curly wig maintenance

The roots get so knotted and tangled that you can’t part it ?

  • try to detangle with denman brush
  • Put the back in two plaits to sleep in if I wear for a few days
  • get your hair braided
  • cut it shorter

how to make curly wet hair look

If you like the loose soft curl almost wet look,

just water makes it dry very frizzy,

find the right products to tame it.

  • Use TGIN leave-in condition and Xtreme gel to keep the curls defined
  • hot water put mango silicone and conditioner and place the hair in it
  • spray freeze spray to keep the curl pattern
  • the curls stay uniformed and tamed with leave-in conditioner and curling mousse
  • use garnier frutise curl crunch gel and water to define curls
kinky curly wig maintenance

kinky curly wet look

 how to maintain curly hair in hot weather?

Maintaining curly hair in hot and humid weather can be a challenge,

but there are several steps you can take to keep your curls looking defined and frizz-free.

Here are a few kinky curly wig maintenance in hot weather:

  • Protect your curls from the sun:

UV rays can damage curly hair, making it dry and brittle.

To protect your curls, apply a leave-in conditioner with SPF or wear a hat when spending time outside.

kinky curly wig maintenance

  • Use lightweight products:

Heavy hair products can weigh down curls and make them look flat.

Instead, opt for lightweight, water-based products,

such as a light leave-in conditioner, curl-defining cream, or a lightweight hair oil,

to help maintain definition and hydration.

  • Avoid touching your curls:

Touching your curls can cause frizz, so try to avoid touching your hair as much as possible.

If you do need to adjust your curls, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers instead of a brush.

  • Refresh your curls:

If your curls start to lose their shape or become frizzy,

use a water-based leave-in conditioner or a curl refresher spray to revive your curls and restore definition.

  • Protect your curls at night:

To prevent frizz and maintain your curls’ shape,

it’s important to protect your curls while you sleep.

You can do this by sleeping on a silk pillowcase or tying your hair up in a loose, silk or satin scarf or bonnet.

kinky curly wig maintenance

By following these tips, you can help maintain your curls in hot weather and keep them looking defined and frizz-free.

easy to maintain wigs

If you’re tired of kinky curly wig maintenance,

Kinky straight wig is one easy to maintain wig,

I wore the heck out of 360 lace wig kinky straight,

I went swimming in a pool with Chlorine swimming in a lake.

it still was good condition ,once you brush it out you have to have patience.

kinky straight is definitely an easy maintenance wig.

you can wear it down all day without leaving a trail of hair.

360 lace wig kinky straight

kinky curly wig hair company | kinky curly wig human hair

October 20, 2021 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

As a kinky curly wig hair company,

I definitely recommend any woman that is interested in purchasing hair that mimics African American hair to buy kinky curly wig human hair.

kinky curly wig hair company

The curls are very natural and it looks like my real hair ,the curled mimic 3C human hair.

If u looking for a wig for beginners kinky curly is your go-to it’s really nice soft hair.

you need to take care of the hair a bit more compared to straight or body wave hair.

how to maintain a kinky curly wig?

You do have to put some work into it because it is a kinky hair texture but as long as you know how to take care of it it’s fine.

Here’s what you can do

1.The best solution for you to comb through the hair is to use Cantu curl moisturizer and water.

2. Spray down with water and curling gel to define your curls.

3.with a little moose and not much maintenance it’s truly beautiful.

4.melts into your skin with a lace tint spray I used by Ebin.

5.For the scalp I used foundation underneath and plucked a part and put powder on the part, No bleaching.

6.To maintain it I wash with a shampoo with Argon oil then use a leave in conditioner.

how to style a kinky curly wig?

If you don’t know how to bleach knots so you can just molded hair to cover the hairline.

when it’s dry it sticks up like an Afro, the curls are popping,

If you get a long kinky curly wig you have to have product on it.

kinky curly wig hair company

360 lace wig kinky curly

Make a Deep Part and High Ponytail,

Beautifully constructed,when it has been installed the lace was undetectable.

kinky curly wig hair company

360 lace wig kinky curly

kinky curly wig length chart

kinky curly wig hair company

kinky curly hair length chart

The hair length should be measured from the head top to the hair bottom when the hair is straight.

a curl or wavy wig will be shorter by 1″-2″ than a straight wig. 

It varies depending on how deep the curl is.

kinky curly wig is shorter by 3″-4″ than the straight wig.