self hair care tips | how to take care of hair tips

September 2, 2017 in human hair wig care and maintenance

self hair care tips

When you look at this picture, a lot of people are surprised, how does your human hair care amazing?

Based on our experience, I’m going to tell you five self hair care tips to help you on human natural hair care journey!

self hair care tips 

how to take care of hair tips

  1. NO HEAT!

If you always go to barber shop or a salon to flat iron your hairs,

you can’t get beautiful hair.

so you must stop this behavior that hurts your hair now,

if you still want to keep your smooth and beautiful hairs.


In daily life,Once you find some damaged hair,Please cut them off in time.

Once hair large area is damaged,no restoring it back to its original state.

So cut them off at the beginning.


I will tell you the women who often ask these questions,

deep condition care hair is really important,this way help your hair back original state,

restore the original elasticity and luster.

I often do deep condition hair twice a week.

Every time I don’t care deeply enough,i can feel my hair dry after wash,

so you need to keep your hair in depth condition.

4.Don’t use bad conditioner.

that contain parabens, sulfates or silicones,

please read the ingredient list carefully when you buy these conditioner.


Sadly,no product can make your hair bounce back quickly.

It took me a year and a half to repair my broken hair,

so trust me ,I feel your bad hair day pain.As long as you are willing to insist on deep condition,

damaged hair will soon revert to its original state.

human hair natural looking wigs

Last ,many people would ask,since not dye and heat,

really want to change other hair style,how to do ?

Friendly speaking,i suggest you buy a human hair wig that fit better for you,

the human hair lace wigs by handmade,the natural color can be dyed and curly as your needing style.

So it’s a very reliable way to do it,if you want to learn more about human hair lace wigs care,

Don’t forget,please take care of the wig like you take care of your own hair.

self hair care tips

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