silk top wig definition | deluxe silk top wig

September 30, 2021 in silk top full lace human hair wigs

silk top wig definition

Through the invisible hair knots technology,workers hang up the hairs into the silk base.

Almost completely imitate human scalp,so named silk top wigs.

is silk top better than lace?

Silk looks much better… If you’ve spent a lot of time and money trying to hide the grids on lace wigs

and no matter what the grids still show,

I recommend you purchase a wig with a 4×4 silk base and you will love it.

If you wear your hair down or just going to take selfies or have people up close and personal, silk tops are bomb.

silk top wig definition

silk top wig definition

our deluxe silk top wigs different other hair companies.

Because we use the three nets,first layer is silk base,second layer is Swiss lace ,third layer is diamond net.

In order to help customers use it more longer time,avoid the problem of shedding.

and there are 4 silk colors you can choose.

silk top wig definition

silk top glueless cap

yaki silk top lace wigs

If you are trying to open your mind too in order not to touch the natural beauty of your hair without giving up trying new styles.

yaki silk top lace wig looks natural and you don’t notice that it is a wig.

it with 4×4 silk top section is just enough space,realistic parting.

The texture is so on point with the texture of black women’s hair straightened.

silk top wig definition

yaki silk top lace wigs

If you are on the fence, just do it!