human hair bundles grade

May 29, 2015 in best human hair extensions for black hair

human hair bundles grade

The human hair bundles grade is listed as grade 12A.

I had to laugh when I saw 12A grade.

Hair grading isn’t standardized,there’s no universal grading system.

But, the highest I’ve seen is 10A, until recently when I’ve seen a few 11A and 12A grades listed.

There is NO regulating body that controls hair grades (what can be considered 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A or 10A hair).

One company version of 7A hair may not be the same as another.

There are also some suppliers that have 5A hair, but call it 7A or even 8A hair.

Worse yet, the hair that used to be called 5A years ago, is not called 8A by the same vendors!

In reality, it’s probably the same human hair bundles, but just an additional “A.”

They’ll just keep adding more hair grades to try and beat out the competition.

human hair bundles grade

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what is the highest grade of human hair?

The one thing you can tell about human hair bundles grade is when looking at one company’s hair,

if you see they have 7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A,

the chances are good that the 10A is going to be the best hair they have.

But, if you’re looking at hair from 2 different companies,

the grade is really of no help since they can make it

whatever they want and what one company calls 10A another company might call 7A.

So, really, the only thing grading will help with in my opinion,

is if you’re looking at different grades within the same company.

I hope that makes sense!

human hair bundles grade

So please don’t compare the hair grades of different brands.

The product grades of hair are all set by sellers.

basically it’s no real system or regulations when it comes to the weave game.

The only difference Between our 10A And 8A is that 10A is less short hair than 8A.

human hair bundles grade

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