which is better synthetic vs human hair wigs

November 30, 2021 in human hair wig care and maintenance

synthetic vs human hair wigs

I think the issue is women realize human hair wigs are the best investment over the long run and the look more natural.

Many women rotate the cheap …but nice synthetic wigs and save the human hair wigs for special occasions.

human hair wigs are easier to style and curl.

And the hair doesn’t always have to cost $300.

But of course the better hair does last longer.

synthetic vs human hair wigs

5×5 lace closure human hair wig

synthetic vs human hair wigs

synthetic wigs


  • color is really nice
  • The hair is really soft
  • Perhaps best as a party or costume wig
  • if ur looking for something that’s not gonna blow ur budget,about $50
  • If you was aiming for a fun exotic vibe for the holidays look


  • synthetic long hair tangles very easily,hard to maintain
  • It also can’t be curled,if you curl, it WILL NOT last
  • synthetic wigs don’t last a long time  (about a week)
  • Was the wig durable, sadly, NO!

Synthetic hair looks nice but not very practical,do not set your expectations too high.

if you’re looking for a wig to last you a while,human hair wigs is the best choice.

human hair wigs


  • human hair wigs can be dyed, permed, restyled and curled.
  • the hair si very soft too
  • last longer with good hair care(6-9 months)
  • More realistic and comfortable
  • no tangle
  • daily wigs


  • expensive

which is better synthetic or human hair wigs?

What you get you pay for!

human hair wigs due to the fact that you don’t really have to maintain it much.

your daily wigs!

synthetic vs human hair wigs

synthetic vs human hair wigs

A lot of synthetic wigs between 50 and 90 $,

and some are definitely less “fake shine-y” than others but they all still look too fake (too shiny) in photographs,

under direct artificial light and under direct sunlight.

If the 85$ human hair wig still looks more natural than a synthetic wig at a similar price point?

 no lace bob wig with bangs full would look less shiny and therefore less artificial.

synthetic vs human hair wigs

 no lace bob wig with bangs human hair