The understanding of bang on the left side and on the right side!

December 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today classclacewigs editor want to share a story, about bang is on the left side or on the right side. Different people have different understanding.


we must do 100% human hair wig with top quality. will have more and more regular customers in the future. so we not only provide best quality wig but also give customers best service.

one of our regular customer— idil.  custom a wig order, Malaysian virgin hair  light yaki glueless full lace wigs need bang on the left side. same with this picture.idilosman1


when she got it, she said this is right side bang, not left. and she send me a left side bang picture.



Finally, there is a question, which is the correct bang on the left? idil said her bang is on the left side, and the picture is right side bangs. same with this picture.



Different people have a different understanding, about left side bang and right side bang. our hair factory judge the bang side from bang line. if the bang line on the left, the bang is on the left. (same with the second picture). idil judge the bang side from hair side. if the hair is on the left, the bang is on the left.(same with third picture).

No matter meet any problem, explain patient to our customers, try our best to solve the problem.