which is better virgin or remy hair ?

June 4, 2015 in best human hair extensions for black hair

Virgin hair better

Normally, factory have remy hair and virgin hair.

of course, all of them is 100% human hair.

just virgin hair is unprocessed,the quality is better.

so it is more expensive than remy hair.


virgin hair better

brazilian virgin straight wig

which is the best virgin human hair?

Virgin hair also have many different kinds,

Brazilian virgin hair is the best quality,

Malaysian virgin  hair is much softer,

Chinese virgin hair is more popular.

The quality of our discussion above, virgin hair will last longer than remy hair.

Virgin hair better

brazilian virgin straight

The virgin’s hair is 80% unlikely to tangle with the appropriate care.

It has a long wash after washing so you don’t have to change your wig frequently because you can become a regular lace wig.

Regular hair will last 3 – 6 months when wearing regular and appropriate care.

If take proper care, the virgin hair can last even more than a year.

Virgin hair better

If you can afford the money, the virgin’s hair is absolutely the way to go.

If the price might look good. The real virgin’s hair is not cheap.

Beware of network liar, dishonest sale of regular hair, virgin hair.

Use your time to find a company with a reputation lace wig.