how do you wash lace front wigs? — wash a new lace front human hair wig

February 7, 2017 in human hair wig care and maintenance

Now the human hair wigs are ubiquitous,more and more people wear it,because it is real hair and last longer time.

you should know, the correct wash lace front wigs, it will increase the life of wigs.

wash lace front wigs

9 Steps for better and more professional ways to get that sleek shiny wig!

1: comb the lace front wig first

2: add a little shampoo to the water,give it a quick stir to dissolve it.

only use shampoo when there’s a heavy amount of buildup from products.

but should I wash a wig when I get it?

It’s does make it easier to style the unit into different parts or to just restore the moisture

to the unit before manipulating any definitely helps.

3: soak for 10-15 mins.

4: Rinse it with water and add a little conditioner.

I regularly condition the hair to keep it soft, if your wig is tangle, it will be useful.

5: soak in lukewarm water(20-25 mins).

because of the lace and wefts I wouldn’t use hot water always lukewarm water.

6: Rinse it with water and squeeze the water

7: absorb the water

8: put it on the wig stand, keep the style

9.air dry.

Definitely air dry maybe for curly hair wigs a diffuser on a cool setting is fine too but no heat.

Last, hope it is helpful for you.

wash lace front wigs 

wash lace front wigs

Once a month is OK to wash in order to maintain lace front wigs? 

you can especially if you’re wearing often

but mainly it’s how much Product buildup you’re getting.

When I use gel and hairspray for the lace it’s not bad

but when left unchecked the buildup is real

so a good soak is good with a tooth brush to loosen up adhesive.

wash lace front wigs

5×5 lace front wig

wash lace front wigs

Can you just do conditioning when you first get the wig?

Yes definitely!

To me the hydration and moisturizing of the hair is the most important part of keeping the hair soft and flowy

I will only do a shampoo if a lot of product has been piled onto the hair over several installs.